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You Know More Than You Think You Know… Ya Just Gotta Find It And Put It To Use

Years ago, after my own ‘reinvention’, as I was starting my management process consulting business, I would talk to anyone who would listen.  It was my way of building AND learning my business.  No better place to learn than in the real world.
You did it yourself

A friend introduced me to a guy who was running a tech start-up in Cupertino, Silicon Valley.  He was having some trouble and our common friend said “He could really use your help.”  I walked into his office…Ted was clearly a very busy man and said, “OK, I’ve got 20 minutes.”  We proceeded to have a robust conversation…he was very forthcoming and articulate about his situation.


At some point there was a knock on the door, and Ted looked at his watch and realized we’d been talking for an hour-and-a-half.  “Oh, wow…I didn’t realize we’d been here so long.  Sorry, this is great, but I have people coming in for a meeting in a couple of minutes.”

“OK, no problem…and before I go, let me tell you what I think is going on here.”  At that point my mind had coalesced our 90 minute conversation into three relatively simple ideas/concepts describing the situation he was facing as CEO of the company.
His eyes got big as he fixed me in his stare and he said “You’re right…that’s brilliant!”
“Uh…no, you just told me all of that.”  In time, I realized the appropriate response to “that’s brilliant!” is a simple “Thank you.”
This is not really about whether I’m brilliant or not (of course I am), but rather about pursuing a depthful ‘facilitation’ that’s required to…
access the knowledge inside of you
apply it to your particular situation


Cicero indicts Catiline before the Senate. Painting by H. Schmidt, 1920

Marcus Tullius Cicero said: ““No one can give you wiser advice than yourself.”  Cicero was good.
(For more  see Brook Nestor’s article ‘Reinventing Yourself’)

Many years experience working with individuals and groups inform us that, as a general rule, the ‘solutions’ that are embraced and implemented are the ones you generate yourself.  Look at all the massive (and expensive) reports done by the smart folks at McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, and the like, sitting on the office shelf, gleaming and untouched by their proud owners, excellent solutions therein which will never see ‘the light of day’, or become a line item in the budget.
Another essential element that’s often missing is a clear way to get started…a few immediate and easily doable initial steps that can get an organization OR an individual progressing down the right track.
That kind of facilitation is exactly the approach we apply at ReInvention UnLtd.
March 2015
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