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What Got Us Into This?

What Got Us Into This?

Two guys, business colleagues and friends for thirty years, get together one evening to talk about the fact that each of them has recently and increasingly had the sense that something is missing in life…but what?

They have each had long, successful careers in the management consulting field, working with a wide variety of businesses and business clients, entrepreneurs, executives, leadership teams and staff.  On occasion they’ve worked together, and when working separately have had many productive conversations about the practice of consultation… what works and what doesn’t, what kinds of approaches get results, how something that clicks brilliantly one day is an absolute flop the next … the whole surprising, exhilarating variety of people and situations one encounters out in the world.

In this particular case, each of these guys has, for some four or five years, been semi-retired, doing some of their usual consulting work, but at a pace less than half of what they had been used to.

Each of them has been saying, mostly to himself, “What’s going on? I have a great spouse, I’m financially secure, have lots of friends, there are plenty of things around that are interesting and/or fun, I travel when the urge strikes…and yet, something significant seems to be missing?”

A couple of things occur as they explore how they’ve been feeling: 1) It’s great to get it that neither has to feel like the Lone Ranger – someone else is going through exactly the same thing.  2) The realization that if these two guys, at this stage in life, healthy, mid- to late-sixties, ‘post-career’, ‘retired’, no worries about food on the table or a roof overhead, are experiencing significant concern about what’s not happening, a lot of other guys must be in exactly the same boat. (Why only ‘guys’, you may be asking.  Doesn’t the same apply to ‘retired’ women? Maybe, but probably to a lesser degree – and these are guys talking to each other about what they each know for sure is happening to them, so keep the focus on the population they know best, at the outset.)

So…following the logical thread:  If there are lots of guys out there experiencing the same concern, maybe even ‘anxiety’, and these two colleagues have a boatload of experience working with clients to help them identify specific problems, causes, and ultimately invent their own solutions, why not apply what they know to designing an experience for the men who, like them, are asking “WTF Is Next?”

Making a longer story shorter: ReInvention UnLtd is born.  That’s what this website is all about.  reinventionRead on.

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