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The Women Behind Successful Men

Women Behind MenWas at a Golden State Warriors basketball game earlier in the season, sitting next to a guy, who from time-to-time I’ve shared seats with for many years.  Gary had recently retired from the firm in which he was a partner.  His wife, who I’ve met on a number of occasions asked me “So, are you retired?”

“No, I’ll never really retire…I always have something I’m doing.”

She asked what I was doing now, and I described ReInvention UnLtd, a company that works with successful, retired men who are looking for something meaningful and interesting to do in their lives.

Diana’s eyes got real big and she said “Tell me more about that.”

I responded, “Oh…tough having him home 24/7, eh?”

She said, “No, that’s not it.  He gets up in the morning, takes the dog for a walk, comes home and lies on the couch.  So tell me how you do that reinvention thing.”

I began explaining about how the workshop functioned, and after about 20 seconds she interrupted me and said “Sign him up!”

It hit me like a bolt of lightning that we’d neglected to include in our marketing efforts maybe the most important element, i.e. the women who live with these men…men whose lives have been centered around their work/their company, and who now didn’t really have anything meaningful to do that captivates their imaginations.

It’s those women who have the best view of these men, and the struggle many of them have searching for relevance in their later life.

So women…send your men around and we’ll develop some meaningful activities to put on their agendas…and get them out of the house!

Charles Loewenberg

March 2015

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