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Are You

  • Feeling StuckIn the baby-boomer generation, plus or minus (roughly 50 to 80)?
  • Retired or have sold a business?
  • For whatever reason, not ‘going to work’ every day…or know that this will be the case (or you’d like it to be) in the very near future?
  • Waking up asking “What do I do today?” and dreading the question?
  • Experiencing ‘crisis’…anxiety…low energy?
  • Having difficulty being ‘at home’ with your spouse every day, 24/7? (Or being home alone every day while spouse goes on about her life?)
  • Embarrassed by the question “Are you retired?”, or “What are you doing with yourself these days?”
  • Used to being ‘relevant’ and ‘having an impact’…and missing that?
  • Finding nothing to do that intrigues you…or wondering where to start to pursue something that does intrigue you?
  • Still working at your ‘career’ job and wanting a change, but don’t know how to make it happen?
  • Thinking you can’t get started on something new or different without a fully fleshed-out plan, all elements, A to Z, because without that, nothing will work?
  • Believing anything that doesn’t make money is not worth doing, or will not be perceived as worthwhile?
  • Continuing to grapple with some or all of these issues, and not really doing anything about it?

If you’re familiar with any of the above, read on…

Welcome To The Club

Guess what? You’re not alone. People these days are healthier than previous generations, we live longer, and we don’t necessarily know how to re-invent ourselves after a lifetime of getting educated and ‘going to work’. The ‘work’ stops… “OMG…what do I do now?”

And, we regularly hear stories about how some of these folks in fact don’t live longer, they drop dead of a heart attack or complications of diabetes within a few years of ‘retirement’.

Of course, some folks are happy with a daily golf game, walking the dog, sitting on the patio with a tall glass of iced tea, reading a good book, and finishing off with The Tonight Show. Then off to sleep, and more of the same tomorrow. That’s great, more power to them. They’ve worked hard for 40 – 50 years, and deserve some rest and relaxation.

However, if you’re not one of those resting and relaxing types, and if you answered yes to one or more of the questions above, then this will be of interest to you…please continue.

You Can Do Something About It

Consider the following…

A 3-day, high-impact, personalized workshop experience designed specifically for 10 or 12 successful men like you, where you’ll discover:

  • Group Meeting | ReInvention UnLtdOther men who have been addressing the same issues, dealing with the question – “What to do now?”
  • What’s stopping you – the barriers to future success…and how to overcome them
  • Your basic and valuable skills, many of which have nothing to do with the work you have been doing, or which have completely different applications
  • Resources you already have in your life … people, places, things, knowledge, experience… that are highly relevant out there in the world
  • Practical approaches to reaching out, finding what’s out there and where your personality, interests, passions and know-how fit in
  • The support which already exists in your environment, in your life – people who are ready and willing to encourage your moves, and give you honest and valuable feedback…generally support you
  • New relationships with others in your workshop, who can then become part of your support group
  • A ‘Sponsor’ – someone you value who knows you, who knows what you are pursuing, and agrees to make regular contact with you over time to check in and hold you accountable
  • An Action Plan, including specific, immediate steps to take NOW

Who We Are

Nick Bizony

Nicholas J. Bizony

Charles R. Loewenberg | ReInvention UnLtd

Charles R. Loewenberg

ReInvention UnLtd™  is a company offering a 3-day, 3-night workshop/experience exploring where you are now…and what to do about it.
The Workshop is designed, developed and facilitated by the company principals who, not too long ago, found themselves in exactly the situation described above, asking, “What’s next? What would be intriguing, worthwhile and fun to do at this point in our lives?”

Nicholas J. Bizony and Charles R. Loewenberg each bring 4 decades of experience consulting to mainstream business leaders and entrepreneurs, designing / delivering / facilitating workshops, planning meetings and strategic conferences; coaching and counseling their clients regarding implementation of plans and strategies, and other matters involving their personal and professional careers.

Some may think that coaching is about advising people, telling them what to do. From years of experience, we have concluded that advice and exhortation, although interesting and often accurate, are the least effective forms of intervention, and are unlikely to produce action. In fact, coaching is about asking and listening – because most people have a pretty good idea what’s best for them. The value is in the process of defining issues, developing ideas, creating an action plan…and making it happen. That’s exactly what this workshop is all about.

Research among ‘retired’ men, and trial-runs experimenting with and tailoring the Workshop offered here clearly demonstrate there is a substantial population out there which needs, wants, and can benefit significantly from this experience.

What It Is… How It Works

The 3 day ReInvention UnLtd™ Workshop will be convened at an attractive 1st Class location, e.g. Carmel Valley Lodge, Meadowood (Napa Valley), The Sea Ranch (Sonoma Coast). Lodging and meals are included in the package.

The Workshop and related activities include:

  • An individual preparatory interview, scheduled ahead of the workshop to further introduce us to you, and you to us, and to prepare you to achieve the greatest value from your time in The ReInvention UnLtd Workshop

Arrival at the event venue Monday mid-day

  • Group MeetingFirst session Monday afternoon, 2-5pm;
    • “Who Are You – What Got You Here?”
      • What are your friends and family saying to you about your participation in this Workshop?
      • What are you saying about it?
    • ‘Getting Into Communication’ exercise with other participants
    • Cocktails, dinner, informal gathering after dinner


  • Tuesday – morning and afternoon working sessions
    • What do you think…
      • …about Being Stuck
      • …are your Barriers to Success
      • …are your Interests and Skills
      • …are applications for your Interests and Skills


  • Wednesday – morning and afternoon working sessions
    • Development of …
      • …a Concise Description of Your Newly Emerging Direction
      • …a Personal Action Plan – Immediate Steps you can take Now
      • Group Meeting…a Support System – people & resources
      • …a Reality Check #1– does it make sense to you…to others?
  • Thursday Morning –
    • Your Personal Reality Check #2
      • Where will you likely get ‘stuck’?
      • What else is needed?
      • Are you committed?

Thursday mid-day we will wrap-up, have lunch and depart by 2pm.

Follow-up: A key element of the ReInvention UnLtd™ program is follow-up in the form of a post-Workshop, on-going relationship with ReInvention UnLtd™ Principals addressing what has transpired – actions taken, progress made, difficulties encountered… whatever is relevant to successfully moving ahead. Nothing is off limits.

The Deliverables

You can expect to walk away from this experience with your personal ReInvention Resource Kit…a number of immediately usable and individualized products, containing (e.g.):

  • A relevant, practical and concise description of the Direction you are taking
  • An assessment of your Skills and Interests, and how they will impact your journey
  • An Action Plan, with practical, doable first steps and a time-line…and knowledge of and comfort witGroup Meeting | ReInvention UnLtdh the fact that what you need are FIRST steps, not a fully-fleshed out ‘Business’ Plan
  • Clearly defined Goals and Objectives (hard and soft), which are needed in assessing what success will look like for you…and measuring that success
  • An identified Sponsor/Collaborator from among your workshop participants, or from back-home (family, friends & colleagues)
  • A list of valuable and functional Resources
  • A clear understanding of how to develop and use a Support System from within your group of family, friends and associates, who will support you, coach you and check on your progress
  • On-going support from ReInvention UnLtd Principals



ReInvention is possibleUpon completion of this unique, exciting and empowering experience, you will personally have developed, and be armed with:

  • A clear path forward…a clarity of purpose and direction
  • Specific and doable next steps that can be taken immediately
  • An array of usable tools that will support moving ahead in your new life
  • The understanding that you have a valuable support system…and how to use it
  • Energy and motivation
  • …and perhaps most importantly…the understanding that you’re not alone as you move ahead in your new endeavor, in this next phase of your life

ReInvention UnLimitedPlease read ‘Reinventing Yourself’ by Brook Nestor

An article on how life changes come about.


Price for the ReInvention UnLtd ™ Workshop is $6,500, all inclusive (except travel to the venue). All aspects of The Workshop are first class – accommodations, food, wine, environment

For additional information:

Nicholas J. Bizony
eMail: ; Tele/Text: 312.590.6694

Charles R. Loewenberg:
eMail: ; Tele/Text: 707.332.4601