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Charles R. Loewenberg Bio

Charles R. Loewenberg

Charles is one of the original developers of the Management Process approach to business and personal/professional planning, which remains a primary strategic planning discipline.  He is a founder and long term partner in the OCULUS Management Process organization, serving many of the firm’s clients and developing the consulting approaches discussed in the Oculus website Charles’ selective consulting and counseling activities range across various industries throughout the US and the UK. He sits on Boards of Directors and Advisors and is an individual executive coach to highly-placed corporate executives and entrepreneurs

Charles was also a developer and Managing Director of Château de la Poitevinière (‘Private Hotel’, Chinon, France); a partner in Hollybush House Hotel/Restaurant (Ayrshire, Scotland); a full-time working partner/collaborator at Prato di Sotto,(Country House, Umbria, Italy).

He currently lives in Calistoga, Napa Valley.

Clients Include…

  • Ernst & Young
  • LucasFilm
  • Morrison Foerster
  • McCann Erickson
  • The Nature Co.
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Genentech
  • Chevron
  • J.P. Morgan Chase

Charles has ‘reinvented’ himself a couple of times. At 33 or 34, he determined that the advertising/publishing business was in the long term, not for him.   Over the course of that relatively short first career, he noticed that most of the meetings he attended were not well run, and less than productive. Resulting decisions were poor, and then poorly implemented.  He figured he could do better.  But how?

Studying various disciplines and taking courses in communication, problem-solving, creativity, group dynamics and the like, he developed a ‘process approach’ to help businesses address their thorniest, most difficult issues.  It’s based on the notion that the client fundamentally understands the situation, and has the skills and expertise to deal with it. What ‘s needed is an effective process to define and prioritize issues, consider alternative courses of action, make decisions and develop action plans.  A roadmap for the client to follow in applying their own resources.

He’s been doing it ever since.

Now, after a 35 year management consulting career, it’s time for another ‘reinvention.’  This time it’s related to men, like him, who have had successful careers, are not ready to ‘hang it up’ quite yet…but don’t have a clue what to do next.
So applying his skills and years of experience, ReInvention UnLtd was created.