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Post By: Nick Bizony

Can The Times Tell Us How to Live?

From the New York Times, May 1, 2015 – Your Money Section: “Life’s Third Chapter” Here are some selected quotes from the article:   “The day you’re no longer the C.E.O., your life changes — so you have to decide what you want to do to move forward,” Mr. McInerney, 75, said. “The important thing […]

Executive Coaching – What it is…How it’s done…What it costs

The following is found on “What do Executive Coaches do? Executive coaches provide a confidential and supportive sounding board for their clients. They ask questions, challenge assumptions, help provide clarity, provide resources…to help clients gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their development objectives, unlock their potential,,, They are not consultants or therapists (although many have […]

What Got Us Into This?

What Got Us Into This? Two guys, business colleagues and friends for thirty years, get together one evening to talk about the fact that each of them has recently and increasingly had the sense that something is missing in life…but what? They have each had long, successful careers in the management consulting field, working with […]

How do I ReInvent myself after 60?

How do I Reinvent myself after 60? Wrong question. If you search online for an answer to this question, you’ll find answers.  Lots of them.  There’s even a site that states, “You don’t need reinvention!” What’s the problem?   The foundational issue with answers from external sources is this:  Even if you incorporated some of […]

Reinventing your life – What really works?

The whole ‘life reinvented, life reimagined’ mini-universe continues to grow, as one would expect, given the fact that Boomers make up about a quarter of the entire population of the U.S., and every year, every month, more of those Boomers join the over-sixty and ‘retired’ cohort. Browsing through the AARP Life Reimagined website, launched in […]