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We get it, we asked ourselves these same things…Read how ReInvention UnLimitedwas born.


Purpose of ReInvention UnLtd™ - Action...Not Advice

“I felt professionally guided, even a little led which was terrific.”
-Board Member, Sculpture Center (NY)

On Coaching

Group Meeting | ReInvention UnLtd

“Advice and exhortation are the least effective forms of
intervention and are unlikely to produce action.”
– David Nicoll, Ph.D.
Change Management Consultant
Editor, Journal of the
Organization Development Practitioner


Some may think that coaching is about advising people, telling them what to do. As our colleague, Dave Nicoll says, advice and exhortation, although perhaps interesting and relevant, are the least effective forms of intervention, and are unlikely to produce action.
In fact, coaching is about asking and listening – because most people have a pretty good idea what’s best for them. The value is in the process of defining issues, developing ideas, creating an action plan…and making it happen.


The ReInvention UnLimited™ workshop is all about taking action.


“The work you have done with me individually, has been invaluable.”
-President, Swensen’s Ice Cream Company


ReInvention UnLimitedPlease read ‘Reinventing Yourself’ by Brook Nestor

An article on how life changes come about.


The ReInvention UnLimited™ Experience


ReInvention is Possible…and UnlimitedReInvention Unlimited

Many Boomer men – roughly aged 50 to 75 – are “stuck”. They’ve sold a business, retired from a corporate executive job – and are struggling with what to do besides play golf and sit on the couch. And, they’re feeling increasingly anxious about it, and getting pressure from the spouse and concern from friends

Not Advice…

There’s a lot of talk about “reinvention –  the next phase of life.” And that’s what it is…just talk. Lifestyle gurus telling stories about how they and others have invented fabulous second careers, or post careers, and giving advice about how to do it

Advice is essentially ineffective in producing action – real change. How many people quit smoking because doctors strongly advise against it, or lose weight because Michelle Obama talks about our obese nation?


Nicholas Bizony and Charles Loewenberg, two consultants from California with 70 years of experience between them working with individual business leaders and owners on change, have created a highly personalized, action-oriented 3-day workshop experience that will move you from Point A on a Monday morning – feeling “stuck” – to Point B (or C or D) by Thursday – committed to a realistic, personally developed action plan for your new direction, including immediately implementable first steps.

A First-Class Experience

The three-day ReInvention UnLimited™   experience includes all meals, lodging and fine wines in a first-class resort setting.


The package includes regular, personal follow-up by the principals with each client, as requested, checking on progress, identifying opportunities and overcoming any obstacles encountered, and providing support for an open-ended period.

“The follow-up you sent is really special–you have a gift.
I keep it in my In Box and read it almost every day to get my head straight.”
– VP, GATX (formerly General American Transportation)

What It Is…How It Works

Group MeetingPreparation:  The Workshop will be preceded by an individual preparatory interview to introduce us to you, and you to us, and to prepare you to get the greatest value from the Workshop.

Why You’re Here:  The Workshop begins with your arrival mid-day Monday.  The afternoon is spent exploring what got you and others to the Workshop, discovering common and divergent themes.


Group Meeting








Personal Exploration:  The following 2-and-a-half days are devoted to identifying your interests and skills, defining barriers to moving ahead, creating a description of your newly emerging direction, and building an action plan.

Deliverables:  You leave with clearly defined first steps and a support system to keep you focused and to help overcome any obstacles encountered.

“He makes you think about issues you don’t want to think about…but know you should.”
-CEO, Mediasmith

For a more detailed description of the three-day Workshop please go to :

Detail DocumentReInvention UnLimited™- Everything You Need to Know


ReInvention Unlimited

You can expect to walk away from the ReInvention Unlimited Experience with…

 “I always come away from our meetings more sure of where I’m going
…and how I’m going to get there.”
-EVP, Bank of America

For more on program results and deliverables CLICK HERE

Lodging, Meals, Price

Price for all Workshop activities, pre-Workshop interviews, post-Workshop follow-up, lodging and meals is $6,500.

Who We Are

The ReInvention UnLimitedExperience is designed, developed and facilitated by Nicholas Bizony and Charles Loewenberg who, not too long ago, found themselves in exactly the situation described, asking, “What’s next?  What would be intriguing, worthwhile and fun to do at this point in our lives?”

Bizony and Loewenberg each bring decades of experience consulting to mainstream business leaders and owners, designing / delivering / facilitating workshops, planning meetings and strategic conferences; coaching and counseling their clients regarding implementation of plans, strategies, and other aspects of their personal and professional careers.

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